Since Polaris bought Indian Motorcycle, its new offerings have mostly been a homage to past models like the original Chief Classic and the Scout. Even the Springfield paid deference to the company's original location in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Then came the Indian Chieftan, the first faired Indian, and the Roadmaster, a barcalounger of a cruiser that seemed more like a flip of the finger at Harley Davidson's UltraGlide than a nod to anything in Indian's past. Now comes the Roadmaster Classic, a bike that includes all of the doodads available on the 2017 Roadmaster, but with heavy swaths of leather to give it a more "historical" look.

The hard side bags found on both the Roadmaster have been replaced with the fringed leather versions found on the Chief Vintage, and the hard trunk has been subbed out for a leather wrapped version. The combined side bags and trunk provide up to 33 gallons (125 liters) of storage, which gives the Roadmaster Classic about 5 gallons less than what you'll find on the original Roadmaster.

Indian also removed the fairing lowers that came standard on the Roadmaster. The result is a bike that actually looks like an Indian but remains an asphalt gobbling machine.

The Roadmaster Classic comes equipped with the same Ride Command infotainment system included on the 2017 Chieftan and Roadmaster. There's also cruise control, ABS and individually heated seats, plus a full range of mostly leather accessories available to enhance the bike's classic look.

We enjoyed putting the Roadmaster through its paces last summer and the Classic is almost 50 pounds (22 kg) lighter at 864 pounds (391 kg), so it may even run and corner a little better.

While some buyers may not care for all of that leather or the upkeep that comes with it, they may appreciate the US$2,000 to $3,000 savings the Classic provides over the regular Roadmaster. The Roadmaster Classic will list at just under $27,000 for the black version, while the two-tone versions (green and cream and red and cream) will come in at around $28,000. Both models are available in Indian Motorcycle dealer showrooms from February 21.

There have also been rumors of more new Indian's in the works, but company company says that any announcements confirming new models won't come until sometime in April.

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