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Inflatable Movie Screens turn a backyard into a Home Theater

Inflatable Movie Screens turn ...
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April 8, 2009 Open Air Cinema gets a regular write because its giant inflatable movie screens really do offer the ultimate backyard cinema experience at a ridiculously reasonable price. The lightweight Open Air Home Screens are now available up to 18 feet in size, with the biggest running to just US$1150 and weighing just 17 pounds - just the thing for keeping the troops busy while mom and pop are doing some home entertaining.

All Open Air Home Screens use theatrical grade projection surfaces and are wind rated to 20 mph.

We've previously written about Open Air Cinema's offerings here and here.

1 comment
1 comment
I like that idea, it's fun for a Saturday even outside in your back yard when you're having a BBQ, just don't park the screen close to the grill.