Perhaps one of the biggest things that people obsess over after leaving their house is, "Did I leave the oven burner on?". Well, if they had the Inirv React system in their kitchen, they could check via an app on their smartphone. If it turned out that a burner was on, they could then remotely turn it off. The technology is also claimed to automatically turn off the burners in the event of stove-top fires.

The system consists of a ceiling-mounted sensor unit, along with four (or more) burner-control knobs that replace those already on a gas or electric oven – if users wish, they can re-mount the original knobs on the front of the Inirv React knobs via an adapter. The ceiling unit and the knobs communicate with one another using Bluetooth, plus the system as a whole communicates with the user's phone via Wi-Fi.

Each of the knobs, along with the sensor unit, are powered by removable rechargeable batteries.

Inside the ceiling unit are smoke and flammable gas detectors, along with a motion sensor. If either smoke or gas are detected, the knobs are automatically activated to turn all of the burners off, plus the user is alerted via the app and an audible alarm. The burners are also turned off if no movement is detected in the kitchen over a given amount of time – the default setting is 15 minutes.

And yes, the app can additionally be used to remotely check if any of the burners have been left on. It can then be used to turn them off, or even just to turn them down if they've been left on intentionally (i.e: if something is being cooked).

Inirv React is presently on Kickstarter, where a pledge of US$209 will get you a system with one sensor unit and four knobs – assuming all goes according to plans, that is. The planned retail price is $299.

It can be seen in use, in the following pitch video.

Sources: Inirv, Kickstarter

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