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Next iPhone, iOS 7 spotted in developer logs

Next iPhone, iOS 7 spotted in ...
Perhaps we'll see something like this in 2013?
Perhaps we'll see something like this in 2013?
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Perhaps we'll see something like this in 2013?
Perhaps we'll see something like this in 2013?
Does the timing of the logs point to an earlier iPhone release?
Does the timing of the logs point to an earlier iPhone release?

Every new year brings the opportunity for change. But, no matter how many resolutions you make, some things stay the same. The Sun will rise, the Earth will spin, and we'll hear rumors about the next iPhone. We've already seen all three in 2013, as developer logs reveal internal testing for Apple's next versions of iOS and the iPhone.

According to The Next Web, app developers have seen references to devices identified as "iPhone 6,1" and running iOS 7. The IP addresses of the devices hail from Apple's Cupertino headquarters, so the odds are high that they're legit.

The "iPhone 6,1" revision number doesn't necessarily mean that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 6. The iPhone 4's revision was "iPhone 3,1" and the 4S' was "iPhone 4,1," so this only suggests the next in line. Previous rumors have pointed to an iPhone 5S with an identical (or near identical) exterior to the iPhone 5.

All in the timing

Does the timing of the logs point to an earlier iPhone release?
Does the timing of the logs point to an earlier iPhone release?

Perhaps the juiciest part of this is the timing. Apple is always testing prototypes of unreleased products, but January 1 is earlier than we've seen these usage logs in past years. Last year – when Apple announced iOS 6 in June and the iPhone 5 in September – developers didn't report similar logs (to 9to5Mac) until May. Could this timing support previous rumors that the iPhone 5S will arrive in June?

The developers didn't log device information like processor or RAM, so further details will be left to your imagination. If 2013 is anything like previous years, though, we'll be hearing plenty more in the coming months.

Source: The Next Web

Every year Apple introduces a new iPhone to the public, last year they had their iPhone 5 which reported a record breaking sales. So, what is the scenario going to be this year.
Charles Bosse
I am wondering when we will hit the top of the curve and see people decide they are tired of press releases and three new phones coming out before their contract expires... Watching Apple put out three iPads in a few months left a bit of a bad taste for some of us interested in getting one but not interested in playing the game of "what's latest this week?".
I tend to believe nothing of what I hear, nothing of what I read and only half of what I see. There is someone in Apple whose job it is to feed the rumour mills; and they do such a good job. Me? I'll just wait until it is released and decide for myself if I want one.
Seriously after wating for the 4s and finding out its virtually exactly the same as the 4 and then watiing again for the 5 and finding out it virtually exactly the same as the 4s it all got very boring, there is no inovation left at apple, all they do is make it smaller or slightly faster which most people wouldnt even notice! After having Apple phone since the second model I gave up and now have a Nokia Lumia 920, it kills the iphone is virtually every way. If Apple ever decide to bring out a really new phone then it might be time to look again but Im not holding my breath!
I do not believe that the iPhone will be coming with fingerprint device in iPhone 5s that will be what it is called . No IPhone 6 till next release THAT is when the finger print integration is input BUT the iPhone is lagging WAY WAY behind Samsung stable technologies the ill fated iPhone is seeing its last days. apart from the name The iPhone is a Dinosaur. those who love their iPhone will probably keep buying updates of it reminiscing the old ages technology their is nothing new in the iPhone that is not already available in other devices. YOU HEARD IT FIRST RIGHT HERE. G RANT the insider.
I didn't say I was giving up my iPhone either.