Every new year brings the opportunity for change. But, no matter how many resolutions you make, some things stay the same. The Sun will rise, the Earth will spin, and we'll hear rumors about the next iPhone. We've already seen all three in 2013, as developer logs reveal internal testing for Apple's next versions of iOS and the iPhone.

According to The Next Web, app developers have seen references to devices identified as "iPhone 6,1" and running iOS 7. The IP addresses of the devices hail from Apple's Cupertino headquarters, so the odds are high that they're legit.

The "iPhone 6,1" revision number doesn't necessarily mean that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 6. The iPhone 4's revision was "iPhone 3,1" and the 4S' was "iPhone 4,1," so this only suggests the next in line. Previous rumors have pointed to an iPhone 5S with an identical (or near identical) exterior to the iPhone 5.

All in the timing

Does the timing of the logs point to an earlier iPhone release?

Perhaps the juiciest part of this is the timing. Apple is always testing prototypes of unreleased products, but January 1 is earlier than we've seen these usage logs in past years. Last year – when Apple announced iOS 6 in June and the iPhone 5 in September – developers didn't report similar logs (to 9to5Mac) until May. Could this timing support previous rumors that the iPhone 5S will arrive in June?

The developers didn't log device information like processor or RAM, so further details will be left to your imagination. If 2013 is anything like previous years, though, we'll be hearing plenty more in the coming months.

Source: The Next Web

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