June 11, 2008 Residents of Turin, Italy were treated to an unique spectacle earlier this week as the € 1 million euro Lamborghini Reventón supercar made its way to a conference hosted by the company courtesy of a helicopter lift from the Italian marines.

Part of the “Turin 2008 – World Design Capital” programme of events, the closed conference explored the tight timescales achieved by Lamborghini in the design and production of the Reventón, which progressed from concept to finished car in less than a year. OK, so that still doesn't explain the need for an airlift, but like last year's show down between the car and a Tornado aircraft, it's a clever piece of PR accompanied by some never to be seen again pics.

In the market? Unfortunately it's already too late - all 20 available units of the ultra-exclusive, 340kmh+ Reventón have already been sold.

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