The Action Camper is a drop-in camper that turns your rugged, all-terrain Jeep Wrangler into a go-anywhere RV. The pop-up allows two adventurous souls to explore the vast wilds and enjoy sleeping, sitting, cooking and bathroom use within the confines of their vehicle, wherever they wish to stop.

Unlike larger campers and recreation vehicles, Jeeps have the ability to explore all kinds of wild lands. By bolting a pop-up camper to the back of your Jeep, you get the built-in ability to camp in all those wild lands. The Action Camper was designed to have a minimal effect on the Jeep's abilities to explore anything and everything, while still offering the conveniences of other campers. It looks like a true all-terrain camper.

The Action Camper was designed for overlanding and expeditions, and is compatible with the JK Wrangler Unlimited, a four-door Wrangler model. The stock hardtop, rear seats, rear roll cage and tailgate are removed to make room for the fiberglass camper. Given the camper's lightweight design and the components removed upon install, it only adds 440 lbs. (200 kg) to the total weight of the Jeep. The fiberglass roof is sturdy enough to stand on and use as a viewing or photography platform. It pops up to provide up to 6 feet 3 inches (1.9 meters) of headroom.

Inside, the Action Camper features a single multipurpose space. The king-sized mattress folds out and rests atop the counter space. It can also be folded out halfway so that a single person can sleep while the other has access to the stove. The edges of the counters double as nightstand space when the bed is folded out. Next to the kitchen/bed area is an adjustable dining table with chairs on either side.

The "kitchen" gives you a three-burner stove and sink built into one surface. The unit has a fold-down glass top for sleeping configuration. The 40-liter (10.6-US gallon) refrigerator sits within the border of the camper where it can be accessed from both the front of the Jeep and the camper itself. The kitchen faucet pulls out and can double as a shower - the dining area or outside of the camper can be fitted with shower fixtures.

There is a chemical toilet with 4 gallons (15 liters) of clean water capacity and 5.5 gallons (21 liters) of dirty water capacity. Given the compact nature of the camper, there is no bathroom area, so the toilet has to be pulled out from its storage area and used in the main room or outside. The pull-out faucet can be used as a bidet to wash up.

The camper also offers plenty of storage. The dining room seats fold up to access large storage compartments underneath. The kitchen has cabinets and shelving, and the floor pops open to reveal a "basement" storage area designed for heavier tools and equipment.

The camper was designed by Austria's Thaler Design and is being tested and distributed in North America by Adventure Trailers, Inc. in Phoenix. Mario Donovan of Adventure Trailers told us that they're currently looking at modifying the Action Camper platform for use on other vehicles in the future.

There are plenty of other Jeep pop-up campers and trailers - Jeep even offers its own line of camping trailer in conjunction with Chrysler sibling Mopar - but this one looks particularly well-designed and functional. It clearly makes the most out of a small amount of space and weight, and blends seamlessly with the vehicle itself.

Of course, as is typically the case with well-designed automotive equipment, you're going to pay for it. The Action Camper retails for US$53,500, and that price doesn't include the Jeep to mount it to. The camper will be available beginning in July and will be built to order. Interested buyers can fill out a request form, which is available on Adventure Trailers' website.

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