Anyone who owns a dog knows that picking up after it isn't the high point of pet ownership. This unholy alliance of dog and doo has led many an inventor to seek an alternative to the standard plastic bag. The Jekies Glovebag is one that could make getting rid of your dog’s number two a bit easier.

Each Jekies glove bag is designed with a water-resistant outer shell, an internal elastic glove attached to the shell, a pocket to store waste bags, and another pocket for carrying items like keys and a cell phone. An adjustable strap fastens the bag to a belt, backpack or dog lead.

Using the Jekies glove bag is easy. Pull out a waste bag stored in the upper end of the outside of the glove and wrap it over the bottom of the Glovebag, then put your hand through the glove and use the waste bag to pick up the excrement.

Once collected, roll up the end of the waste bag and pull it up into the Glovebag. Built in magnets at the bottom automatically closes the glove bag, eliminating the possibility of the waste bag falling out before you can dispose of it in the garbage. To get rid of the waste bag, just hold the glove over a waste bin, open up the bottom and out it falls.

There have been numerous other products designed to address the issue of discarding dog poop – the Ash Poopie turned dog doo into ash, the Park Spark transformed it into methane gas to power a lamp, and the Poo Puck essentially forced it into a disposable cartridge. Still the humble plastic bag remains the preferred option for most dog owners – at least the ones that do the right thing and clean up after their pet.

At $29.95 a piece, and offered in two different sizes, Jekies is hoping its Glovebag may change that if its Indiegogo campaign is successful.

The video below shows the Glovebag in use, as well as a dog that urgently needs a vet if the color of its poop is anything to go by.

Source: Jekies

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