Purveyor of pint-sized motorboats Jet Capsule recently put the finishing touches to its latest model, the Royal Version 001. The watercraft boasts significant upgrades over the firm's previous offerings and is bigger, faster, and more luxurious than before.

The Jet Capsule was originally unveiled back in 2013 and the standard model was launched for US$150,000 in 2015. The new Royal Version 001 will set you back at least €250,000 (roughly $285,000).

For the extra cash you get the same basic styling with an increased overall length of 7.95 m (26 ft), which is a couple of feet longer than the standard Jet Capsule. It's also 3.44 m (12 ft)-wide and 2.3 m (7.5 ft)-high. Inside, it has a total floorspace of 18 sq m (193 sq ft).

The interior is now accessed by a motorized carbon fiber rear door (the cockpit hatch is motorized too) and includes upgraded materials, like teak trim and nine plush leather passengers seats. Toward the rear lies a bathroom at one side and a wet bar on the other. The air conditioning system has been improved too.

The Royal Version 001's speed has gone up from the standard Jet Capsule's 38 knots (44 mph/71 km/h) to a maximum of 62 knots (71 mph/113 km/h). Designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini told us that it's powered by either single or dual Yanmar diesel engines which offer from 370 hp (275 kW) to 1,040 hp (775 kW), coupled with a Hamilton or Rolls Royce jet drive. The boat also has twin Torqeedo electric engines installed and these can be used to cruise at 12 knots (13 mph/22 km/h).

It's certainly not a cheap option, but looks a lot of fun and would be just the thing to transport you to and from your gigayacht.

The video below shows the Royal Version 001 in action.

Source: Jet Capsule

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