If you can't cook toast without burning it then pay attention: help may soon be at hand. The June Intelligent Oven is a computer-based countertop oven that's aimed at letting anyone produce restaurant-quality meals. It can recognize food, cook to preference and help plan the shopping.

Among the team that designed the June are individuals who have worked on the iPhone, Apple Watch, GoPro and FitBit, which perhaps goes some way to explaining the level of technology involved. It is powered by a quad-core processor, connects to the internet and has a 5-in touchscreen control panel.

Despite all this apparent complexity, the point of the June is to try and simplify mealtimes. Using an in-built 1080p HD camera, food recognition algorithms and weight sensors, it is able to detect certain meats, breads, fish and poultry and to recommend how they might best be cooked. It also allows the unit to prepare foods to specific user preferences, such as cooking a rare steak.

"Instant-On" carbon fiber heating elements are used to minimize preheating time. The 1,800 W elements are able to bake, broil, toast and roast. Two high-airflow, variable speed fans, meanwhile, are used to surround the food being cooked with constantly moving hot air, which is said to speed up cooking time by 25 percent.

Cooking progress is monitored using an internal temperature sensor coupled with up to two temperature probes for detecting the core temperature of food. This removes a degree of guesswork about when food may be cooked and allows for a more precise execution of recipes.

By connecting to a user's home Wi-Fi network, the June is able to receive automatic updates aimed at improving its cooking abilities and increasing its number of functions over time. It also means that the June can be controlled via an iOS mobile app (no word on a planned Android version yet).

In addition to acting as a remote control and allowing users to preheat the June, modify cooking and switch the oven off, the app provides push notifications. These include alerts for when preheating is complete and when cooking is complete. A live video stream allows users to view where their food is up to and the app also provides recipes for users to follow and can help with meal planning and creating shopping lists.

The June measures 22 x 13 x 18 in (56 x 33 x 46 cm) and is able to work with standard 9 x 13-in (23 x 33-cm) baking pans and dishes up to 11 x 16 in (28 x 41 cm). It has 1 cu ft (0.03 cu m) of capacity, meaning it can accommodate around a 4 lb (1.8 kg) chicken. The oven itself weighs 45 lb (20.5 kg).

Among the June's other features are timer and unit conversion apps and the ability to be used as a regular set of kitchen scales. it is designed to be easily cleaned and is also said to be more energy efficient than standard ovens, as well as being adequately insulated so that its exterior remains safe to touch even when the internal temperature is high.

At the time of writing, it's possible to pre-order the June for a special price of US$1,495 (the expected suggested retail price is $2,995). The first units are expected to begin shipping in early-to-mid 2016.

The video below provides an introduction to the June Intelligent Oven.

Source: June

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