There is already a way of running with your young children – you push them in front of you, in a running-style stroller. With your arms holding onto its handle, however, your form isn't exactly ideal. That's why a group of entrepreneurs from Bend, Oregon has created the kidRunner. It's a kid jogger that you tow.

The kidRunner features largely carbon fiber and Kevlar construction, and features a safety harness-equipped two-wheeled coverable cabin for a single child. The whole contraption reportedly weighs 16 lb (7.25 kg). It's linked to the parent/runner's padded waist belt (which is included) via a flexible carbon composite "bow," which can pivot up and down and from side to side where it attaches to the belt. The idea is that unlike the case with a traditional kid jogger, users will be able to swing their arms as they run, they won't have to lean forward into a pushing stance, and they'll be able to freely move their legs without any chance of kicking the back of it.

The designers are now raising funds on Kickstarter, in order to produce 15 of the units for testing with select elite runners. A commercial production run is planned to follow. Various rewards are available for different pledge levels, although if you want to actually preoder a kidRunner now, a pledge of US$5,000 is required.

Delivery is scheduled for August, assuming all goes according to plan. There's currently no word on a planned retail price. In the meantime, though, you can see the kidRunner in action in the video below.

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