Ever been walking through the woods and had that impulse to chop up a fallen log, measure each piece, scrape off the untidy bits, fix them together with nails, nuts and bolts and then crack open a fresh beer? Okay, such an urge might be beyond even the most inspired of outdoor enthusiasts, but if you're carrying a KLAX multi-tool titanium axe head, it's hard to imagine a scenario for which you'd be unprepared.

The KLAX axe head weighs just 7.4 oz (210 g) and, like a beefed-up Swiss Army knife, features a bevy of built-in tools. Measuring 6.25 x 3.75 0.3 in (15.8 x 9.5 x 0.76 cm), the KLAX is fixed to the handle via a custom-made clamping mechanism and can be quickly detached for easier transport.

In addition to the axe blade, cut into the surface of the head are a bottle opener, scraper, five wrench sizes, a hex bit driver, a lanyard hole and a carabiner. The end opposite to the blade is designed to be used as a hammer and also features grooves marking an Imperial ruler along its edge.

The lightweight and versatile titanium Ti-KLAX is set to occupy the flagship multi-till axe-head spot of Klecker Knives, an Oregon-based knife and tool manufacturer. It won't come cheap, with an expected retail price of US$550, but the company does have less expensive models.

The KLAX Lumberjack uses an identical design but is made from stainless steel. If you can overlook the additional weight at 12 oz (340 g), then this $160 version could be a more cost effective way to ready yourself for the wilderness.

Slightly cheaper options include the KLAX Woodsman, which does away with the wrenches and hex key, and the KLAX Feller, which sports an axe blade, scraper and hammer only.

Other multi-tool axes around that price include the $80 4-in-1 Woodsman and the $110 Crovel. At a glance, it does appear that the KLAX offers more versatility than its competitors, but hey, it's not like we have an axe to grind.

The company is currently raising funds for its multi-tool axe heads on Kickstarter. Early pledges for Ti-KLAX are set at $495, while $75 will put you in line for the simpler KLAX Feller. Each tool comes with a snap-on protective cover and a round wooden handle. Pending campaign success, shipping is estimated for October 2014.

You can see the pitch video below.

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