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Klever Shopping cart begins roll-out

Klever Shopping cart begins roll-out
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Feb. 23, 2005 Klever Marketing has begun licensing its technologies for electronic display and messaging devices mounted on the handles of supermarket shopping carts, the penultimate step in bringing its KleverKart shopping carts to market. The KleverKart features a built-in wireless computer that shoppers can use as a self-service assistant to scan items to check the price, a store directory to easily locate the item, automatically generated shopping lists based on individual consumer's prior history (via a loyalty card), seasonal promotions, electronic coupons, recipes (so you don't get home without all the ingredients) and you can even follow news and local weather.

From the marketers viewpoint, the convenience and intelligent prompting of the KleverKart has been proven in trials to significantly increase the amount of money spent in a store, and the ability to offer supermarket produce manufacturers promotion where it counts most - at the Point-of-Selection.

Although other companies provide a variety of in-store marketing solutions, this system enables interactive advertising to shoppers directly at the point of decision. With over 70% of consumer purchase decisions made at the shelf, the system could revolutionise the way that marketers and retailers impact the billions of dollars spent in grocery stores, mass merchandisers, toy stores, home centres and other retail outlets.

Another feature of the KleverKart system is that customers will be able to order pharmacy and deli items on the device and be alerted when they are ready for pickup and as it includes a built-in scanner that can be used to check a price, the intelligent cart can also facilitate self-checkout in the aisle if the shopper scans items when placing in the cart.

Other benefits include improving employee productivity with fewer product inquiries, and running advertisements for anything advantageous, from the local charity event through to promoting the stores private label brands.

In terms of appropriate advertising at the right place and time, the system's trigger units sit on the supermarket shelves and trigger an advert on the shopping cart display upon approaching "hot zone."

From the retailers viewpoint, there's a valuable slice of the national advertising dollar to be had when you can significantly influence people at the point of decision via the roving billboard. KleverKart also claims that the advertising delivered by its system is not only many times more effective than traditional media but also delivers a lower lower cost per impression compared to traditional media.Klever-Kard Loyalty System Not surprisingly, a loyalty system for new and existing frequent shopper programs has been developed for the Kart, and the on-kart computer has facility for the shopper to scan their loyalty card. This enables the retrieval of pruir shopping lists for the consumer and offers the supermarket an unprecedented and powerful conduit for data mining and data warehousing. Naturally, once you can identify the customer and their spending patterns, there's also the facility to communicate specific messages to each customer.


Coupons too can be delivered and retrieved electronically, with the coupon amount automatically deducted from the shopper's receipt at checkout after UPC verification of item purchase, another technology with a potentially enormous impact on the shopper's ultimate product choice.

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