Typically a highly specialized, narrow-purpose tool that the average person would never have a use for, the throwing knife just got much more functional. San Francisco-based startup Urchin Sky equips a simple throwing knife with more than 20 different functions in the form of its Kniper multi-tool. The Kniper combines typical multi-tool elements like wrenches and drivers with not-so-typical inclusions like a tobacco pipe and fork.

Knife-based multi-tools, exemplified by icons like the Swiss Army knife and Leatherman plier tool, are among the most classic and timeless gadgets on the planet. Using a throwing knife as the platform for such a multi-tool is an unexpected twist on this classic format of knife + extra tools. In fact, Urchin Sky calls the Kniper the world's first throwing knife multi-tool.

The Kniper is milled out of a single piece of 420 high-carbon steel and measures 13 x 2.5 in (33 x 6.4 cm), with a thickness of 5.5 mm. In addition to its main role as throwing knife, it offers 21 other tools in the simple, solid-body package. The base of the handle includes a fork (which you probably won't want to actually eat with unless you're extremely desperate), Phillips and flat screwdrivers and a pry bar. The handle body includes a carefully marked hex cutout that serves as a universal hex wrench, an inclinometer, a sundial and a latitudinal finder. There's a bottle and can opener toward the top of the handle.

The blade includes a multitude of tools, such as serrated and smooth edges, a wire cutter, a closed wrench and a range finder. Easily the most unexpected and interesting, if not useful, of the blade tools is the built-in tobacco pipe. Given the near-universal availability of cigarettes, we can't imagine many people will actually use a nasty-sharp throwing knife to smoke tobacco (though they might use the 420-steel pipe to smoke some other things), but it's an interesting option. The tobacco bowl sits on the broad side of the blade and doubles as a fire bow bearing. One inhales through the cutout near the handle.

We've covered many unique multi-tools over the years, including the recent Leatherman Tread bracelet, the Zubin hiking pole multi-tool, and multifunctional axes like the Klax. A throwing knife with built-in smoking pipe may just take the spot for strangest and most distinct, though. Surprisingly enough, there appears to be some demand for such a tool. Urchin Sky says it sold out its first production run and is now offering pre-orders on its second run, with delivery to begin in July. The knife costs US$75 before taxes and shipping.

Source: Urchin Sky

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