Although it's since released various other products, Knog started out by making bike lights with integrated stretchy silicone straps. Now, with the 49-gram waterproof Bandicoot, the Australian company is taking the same approach to headlamps.

Ordinarily, headlamps have elasticized fabric straps. And as with the waistband of your undies, these lose their elasticity over time. The actual lamp itself typically protrudes out on a hinged mount, where it can potentially whack into things and get knocked askew. Neither of these things should be a problem with the Bandicoot.

Unlike elasticized fabric, its built-in size-adjustable strap is made from solid silicone, which shouldn't lose its stretchiness. A matte finish on the silicone reportedly keeps it from snagging in users' hair.

The lights, meanwhile, sit flush with the surface of the strap. Instead of tilting one lamp up and down, users press a button to select between four sets of LEDs. These include a central high beam that puts out over 100 lumens, a pair of elliptical beams for broad ambient lighting, a low-output red beam for finding one's way around at night without disturbing others, and a strip of downwards-facing warm-color-temperature LEDs for reading – these also serve as the battery level indicator.

Speaking of which, one USB charge of the onboard lithium-polymer battery should be good for two hours of use at maximum output.

If you're interested, the Bandicoot is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of AUD$29 (about US$22) will get you one with delivery estimated for November, assuming they reach production. The planned retail price is US$34.95.

Source: Kickstarter

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