Bicycle bells all have a similar form factor – they're a little dome that sits on top of the handlebars. The folks at Australian cycling accessories company Knog, however, felt that such bells look a little … goofy. That's why they've created the ring-shaped Oi.

The bell in fact consists of a circular inner mounting ring with a built-in spring-loaded striker, on top of which sits the actual metal C-shaped resonator.

"The primary advantage of the shape is that it wraps around the bar rather than sits on top like a blister – aerodynamic, minimal space taken up on bar, minimal embarrassment from a nerdy-looking safety device," Knog's Sam Moore tells us. "Sound-wise, the bell gives off a chord of pitches. One main tone, which is a fraction lower than some others we benchmarked, but then two higher pitch tones (shorter and sharper) give the bell a very real sonic cut through."

If you're interested in getting one, the Oi is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign (which surpassed its funding goal within its first day). A pledge of US$26 will get you a standard aluminum model in your choice of four finishes and two handlebar diameters. If you'd prefer one made out of titanium, you'll have to cough up $47. Delivery is scheduled for August, if all goes according to plans.

You can see and hear the Oi in action, in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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