The Koda is an interesting micro-home that boasts a very small footprint, quick assembly, and an attractive modern style. Estonian creator Kodasema has now officially launched it in the UK for a starting price of £100,000 (roughly US$130,000) and has big plans in store for the tiny dwelling.

For those unfamiliar with the Koda, it's built from concrete and ships in prefabricated sections, so can be assembled, and for that matter dismantled, very quickly – or within a working day, to be precise. No foundations are required so all you'd need to get started is a suitable surface like gravel, or asphalt (not to mention a patch of land to put it on).

Inside the two-story home, there's a total floorspace of 26.4 sq m (284 sq ft), which is split between a living room, kitchen, bathroom with toilet and bath/shower, and a bedroom and laundry room upstairs. It looks pretty roomy and there are some nice high-end goodies available too, including solar power, digital door lock, and programmable LED lighting, which can bump up the starting price.

Indeed, with all the bells and whistles, you could end up spending up to £150,000 ($194,000) for a Koda home.

A Koda show home is installed in the UK's BRE Innovation Park and those interested can go and check it out in person. If purchased, delivery time is promised to be speedy once all the paperwork has been sorted.

Kodasema also offers the Koda in café, office, workshop/studio, store, and classroom configurations, each with different interior layouts and prices. It's being used in Estonia as rental apartments and complementary classrooms (pictured below), while a residence will be installed in August.

A new stackable version of the Koda is planned for 2018 and other future plans include a small "village" of seven Koda units to be installed in Tallinn in August. In addition, the firm is currently researching affordable housing ideas for London. More details on this will be available in Q3.

Source: Kodasema

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