Grind-size and consistency is crucial when grinding coffee beans. Kuissential's EvenGrind promises to provide a selectable and consistent grind-size for its users. It does so by using a removable cage to stabilize its burr.

Unlike the Handground grinder, the EvenGrind does not benefit front a triple-mounted axle. Instead, the removable cage acts as a bearing for one end of the axle. Once it is locked into place, the cage effectively eliminates movement of the burr and therefore minimizes variation in the grind-size.

"The two most important aspects of a grinder are the ability to adjust the grind-size and that it grinds evenly," explains Andres Fernandez of Kuissential to Gizmag. "In the under US$40 price range, we found that no grinder has both these attributes, so we made it our goal to create a grinder that anyone can afford and that delivers even grounds at whatever size you choose."

In addition, Kuissential says the removable cage makes the grinder easier to clean. The grind-size is set using a nut inside the hopper and, elsewhere, a lid stops any beans from jumping out during the grinding process, whilst also providing a platform for the top-mounted handle.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is underway for the EvenGrind. At the time of writing, individuals can pledge from $30 to receive an EvenGrind grinder, assuming all goes to plan with production and roll-out.

The video below is the Kickstarter pitch for the Kuissential EvenGrind coffee grinder.

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