Adding to the long list of things to look forward to at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), Land Rover has announced that a "modern interpretation of the iconic Land Rover Defender" will be taking to the stage in the form of the DC100 Concept. The company has also made clear its intentions to bring a new Defender to market in 2015, but although the DC100 is aimed at stimulating debate about the new model, it remains a work in progress.

"Replacing the iconic Defender is one of the biggest challenges in the automotive design world; it is a car that inspires people worldwide," says Gerry McGovern, Director of Design, Land Rover. "This isn't a production-ready concept but the beginning of a four-year journey to design a relevant Defender for the 21st century."

Anytime you start fiddling with an iconic vehicle like the Defender you are bound to polarize opinion, and this is undoubtedly going to be to be a case in point. We'd love to hear what Defender devotees out there think of this new direction - let us know in the comments.

The DC100 will be unveiled on September 13 ahead of the public opening of the IAA on September 15. Stay tuned for more details.

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