Lapworks' portable Gamers Desk

Lapworks' portable Gamers Desk
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June 22, 2008 LapWorks,best known for its ergonomic and heat-reducing laptop desks and stands, has entered the Gaming market with a portable Gamers Desk. As PC gamers move to their couches to play First Person Shooter (FPS) and other high precision games on their HDTV or laptop screen, the desk provides a comfortable, ergonomically-sound, wide flat platform across the lap with ample space for a broad gaming keyboard and optical mouse or a laptop and external mouse.

Measuring 11 inches wide by 26inches across, including a 6x9 inch mousing area on either end, the Gamers Desk is made of high-impact ABS plastic, comes in gun-metal gray and retails for US$39.95 directly from LapWorks.

LapWorks Gamers Desk makes a timely entrance into a converging market where many traditional desktop PC gamers are moving with keyboard and mouse in front of the TV, once the sole domain of console games, said JoJoMarks, director of marketing for Ideazon, maker of the popular Zboard Gaming Keyboard.

The Gamers Desk helps bring PC gaming into the livingroom, where gamers can leave their desks behind and use a wide platform to handle a keyboard and mouse on their lap.

Avid PC gamer and Gamers Desk betatester AlexArtigues talked with LapWorks about PC gaming trends. PC gaming in the living room has to date been limited because not all video cards were powerful enough to drive an HDTV display, HDTVs were too expensive to gain much traction, and it is a pain to use a keyboard and mouse on the coffee table or couch.

Artigues added that advanced FPS enthusiasts may prefer the precision of a mouse over console game controllers which have few buttons and joysticks with a limited range of motion.

We wanted PC gamers to be able to play in comfort and with control wherever they are, said Jose Calero, President of LapWorks. Whether gaming on a couch or in an easy chair in front of a big-screen TV, or at their PC, the Gamers Desk supports all gamer keyboards with plenty of room for an optical mouse.

The Gamers Desk arrives in three parts which are easy to assemble. Two Futura MouzPads snap easily into place, one on each end of a Laptop Desk Futura. LapWorks also provides four lockingplugswhich can hold the MouzPads in place semi-permanently.

LapWorks designed the MouzPad so heavy-handed mouse users won’t inadvertently snap it off, while also being easy to remove simply by lifting up its outer edge. If precision gamers find that they require a stronger hold, they can use the locking plugs.

The assembled GamersDesk is rigid, thin (1/4-inch), lightweight (1 pound 9 ounces), and foldable in the middle for easy transport.

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