Should you ever be captured while checking out a crazed villain's secret headquarters, it's entirely possible that a burning laser might provide you with your only means of escape. Of course, anything that's obviously a laser will be taken from you ... which is why our favorite laser weapons hobbyist, Patrick Priebe, has created a "Bond-inspired LaserWatch."

The watch features a machined metal body, a clear-coated carbon fiber face, a salvaged LED watch module and most notably, a 1,500-milliwatt laser. As can be seen in the video at the bottom of the page, that laser is capable of burning through a number of materials in fairly short order.

It's activated simply by pressing a custom-made brass button. Power is provided by a lithium-polymer battery in its wrist strap, although you'll want to ration out the number of times that you draw upon it – Priebe tells us that no more than about 5-10 minutes of laser use will drain the thing.

While most of his creations are emphatically "not for sale," Patrick is entertaining the notion of making more LaserWatches for paying clients (such as the British Secret Service, perhaps?). Given that the current prototype took him approximately 40 hours to build, however, he tells us that their price would be "nothing under $300."

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