Top-tier architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has been working on Lego's new headquarters, dubbed Lego House, since 2014 and the novel brick-shaped building is finally due to open on September 28. To mark the occasion, Lego is releasing a new model in its popular architecture series, allowing fans to make their own miniature version.

Two things really stand out with this kit: just how great a match BIG is for Lego, and how closely the kit resembles the actual building (which makes sense, since the building itself is meant to look like Lego). Above is the image on the box itself and below is an image of the brick-and-mortar structure.

The real building has a total floorspace of 12,000 sq m (129,166 sq ft) and required 1,900 tons of steel, which is rather a lot for a building of this size and type. This is because of the unusual design, which looks like it must have been a headache to build.

The Lego version of the Lego House looks, thankfully, rather more fun to put together. It consists of 774 pieces and is assembled in 197 steps. Once complete, it measures 222 x 60 mm (8.7 x 2.4 in).

If you want a miniature Lego House for yourself, you'll need to head over to Billund, Denmark, as the set will be available exclusively from the Lego House when it opens on September 28. Though, Lego is also having a pre-opening for 600 chosen adult Lego superfans on September 22, too.

We've no word on the price for this one.

Source: Lego

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