Today, Lenovo unveiled its 2016 Yoga flagships at the IFA consumer electronics conference in Berlin: The Yoga Tab 3 Plus tablet, the Yoga 910 convertible laptop and the Yoga Book 2-in-1 tablet, all slated to hit the market this October.

Yoga Tab 3, shown in tilt mode

Yoga Tab 3 plus is the latest iteration of Lenovo's mid-ranged Android tablets. This time, the Tab is being pushed as the ideal gadget for watching movies and TV. Lenovo promises 18 hours of battery life on a 10.1-inch monitor with a high quality audio-visual experience. Starting price for the Tab 3 is US$1299.

Yoga 910 convertible laptop

The Yoga 910 convertible laptop is the follow-up to the Yoga 900. Like its predecessor, it's ultra-thin; it sports signature flexible watchband-like hinges and runs on Windows 10. The 910 has a 10 percent bigger screen, a "nearly edgeless" display, and either a 4K or Full HD screen, among other mostly stylistic tweaks. Entry price is $300.

Lastly, the all-new Yoga Book is an exceptionally thin and light 2-in-1 tablet. It positions in a manner similar to the 900 or 910, with a flexible hinge for using it as a tablet, laptop, or propping it up. Interestingly, it's being offered with either mobile or desktop software, so you can have your choice between a mobile Android device or a Windows machine. The Android version starts at $499; the Windows version is $549.

Demonstration of the Yoga Book's flexibility

The Yoga Book's accessories are perhaps its most intriguing features. It has an "Instant Halo Keyboard," a touch screen backlit keyboard without any physical keys. The keys vanish when not in use, leaving behind only a super-thin solid-color touchpad. Lenovo promises "the best possible touch-typing experience," but that may be a bit like advertising "the happiest possible person in jail."

A dual-use stylus comes standard with the Yoga Book. The pen can be used as a stylus on the touchscreen, or it can write on actual paper with real ink. When being used to write on paper, the physical notes can be instantly digitized and saved to your device via Lenovo's specialized notes app.

We'll have more on the new machines once they hit the market, and will get some hands-on time later today. In the meantime, follow along with New Atlas's coverage of IFA 2016 for the latest news on consumer electronics.

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