Lenovo Yoga

  • For many, the global COVID-19 pandemic has made going to work a case of making some space at home and powering on the webcam-packing PC. Lenovo has just launched its 7th-gen Yoga machines to tempt those looking to upgrade their home office.
  • Lenovo has started its Windows 11 offensive by heading online for a virtual expo called Tech World 2021 and launching what's claimed to be the world's lightest 14-inch OLED laptop, and a larger and heavier sibling aimed at creatives.
  • ​Lenovo has landed at IFA 2018 with a bunch of new laptops and 2-in-1 convertibles. UHD visuals make a splash in the ThinkPad X1 Extreme, while E Ink comes to a new version of the Yoga Book and all day and into the night battery life is on the horizon for C630 users.​
  • Flat touch-enabled surfaces that offer virtual keyboards when you need to type, and other functions when you don't, made a commercial appearance a couple of years ago when Lenovo launched the ambitious Yoga Book. Today, the company's Jeff Meredith gave an early look at the Yoga Book 2 at Computex.​​
  • Lenovo’s Yoga line includes many variations of convertible laptop/tablets – some of which are more polished than others. How does the Yoga 720, the mid-ranged 2-in-1 announced earlier this year, measure up? Join New Atlas as we review.
  • ​We’re used to seeing versatile, occasionally bold 2-in-1 convertible tablet/laptop takes from Lenovo. Its new lineup just released at the Mobile World Congress – which includes a tablet and three different models of convertible tablet/computers – is no exception.
  • We've become used to seeing adventurous form factors from Lenovo, and the Yoga A10 unveiled today is no exception. The 2-in-1 laptop/tablet has a 12.2-inch display, an unusual solid-state keyboard, and is priced to sell.
  • The Microsoft Surface Book is unquestionably one of the best the convertible laptop/tablets available now. But if you shy away from its high price or another one of its distinguishing features, here are some promising potentials.
  • This year, laptops trended toward thin, metallic, increasingly versatile builds and a decreasing number of ports. Many of their specs fall within a narrow range, but there are a few notable variations. Join New Atlas as we round up and compare eight of 2016's best high-end laptops.​
  • ​Lenovo’s Yoga 910 laptop embodies a pleasant balance of style, versatility and performance with its flexible build, touchscreen and zippy internals. Its mobile-inspired features make it visually striking, highly portable and fun to use.
  • To help you with buying decisions (especially holiday gift giving) we've rounded up the year's leading 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrids at a variety of price points. Let's take a closer look at these boundary-blurring convertibles.
  • There’s an analogy to be made between the Lenovo Yoga Book and its namesake practice. Done well, yoga provides functional fitness for any task at hand. When poorly executed, it’s frustrating and injurious. The Yoga Book lands somewhere in between.
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