Lexus details hybrid two wheeler concept

Lexus details hybrid two wheeler concept
Lexus Hybrid Bicycle Concept
Lexus Hybrid Bicycle Concept
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Lexus Hybrid Bicycle Concept
Lexus Hybrid Bicycle Concept
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Lexus has announced details of the innovative Hybrid Bicycle Concept we first spied tucked away at last year's Tokyo Motor Show. Headed for a UK debut at the Great British Bike Ride this weekend, the full-carbon fiber frame hybrid (electric+human) concept includes a 240W electric motor at the front hub, eight-speed transmission, a 25.9V Lithium-ion battery and regenerative braking. Head on through for more images plus our video overview.

The bike weighs 17kg, uses a belt drive instead of a chain and its electric motor charges in around two hours. The 8-speed internal gear and shift levers are from Shimano, while the lightweight, composite frame shares DNA with Valentino Rossi's MotoGP-winning motorcycle. At this stage Lexus' foray into two-wheeled transport remains a concept, with no word on any plans for a production release. We can only hope.

Lexus HB Concept 2WD pedal-assist, carbon-fiber racing bike

Lexus Hybrid Bicycle Concept Specs:

  • Length (mm) 1,598
  • Width (mm) 425
  • Seat height (mm) 900
  • Wheelbase (mm) 1,080
  • Tyre size 20 x 1 3/8
  • Weight (kg) 17
  • Charge time Approx. 2hrs
  • Motor output (W) 240
  • Battery type Lithium-ion
  • Battery voltage 25.9V/4.0Ah
  • Gear system Shimano 8-speed internal gear
  • Shift lever Shimano dual control
  • Drive train Belt drive
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Great design. If License is accorded many Indian Bicycle Companies will come forward to market it. Such things are needed to conserve petroleum.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
Why are the wheels so small or is that an optical illusion?
Facebook User
Doesn\'t matter who built it or how \'space-age\' the carbon fibre is - there\'s no way that frame would work. It would be so weak and flexy around that cross point!
Pretty damn ugly too!
So, does my Mazda 6 qualify as a hybrid? When I\'m pushing it, I mean?
Just asking.
I have a feeling that Lexus engineers are pretty good about keeping cross points \"flexy\". If you notice, that tubes are triangular, which is probably required to just have that sort of stiffening required.
Love the look! Now just keep it under $2,500!
I think it looks great. The frame is obviously made like this mainly to achieve the visual effect. The X point will definitely need extra fibres to compensate the poor load carrying ability this design has, but with carbon fibres, that\'s no problem. It will easily be strong and stiff enough.
It\'s impossible to know precisely just from the images, but the wheels cannot be the 28 inch / 622mm rim normal size wheels for road bikes. I would guess a rather much smaller size. Maybe 24 inch? This may also be to get the visual appearence?
Most likely this design will be very expensive, due to the frame design and materials necessary, but much cheaper designs with the same functionality should be relatively easy to develop from this one.
The speed limitation seems stupid though. Pedal assist above 25 km/h is barred? Why not the oposite? If overly freedom hating authorities need to \"enhance safety\", cutting the electric assist above that speed would be much better, making it a normal bike. And just letting both pedal and electric help each other as the rider pleases would of course be the best. If I had one, I\'d not hesitate to modify it that way.
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This is lame, it\'s just an art-bike. Neither innovative, nor inspiring. I wonder how they\'ll attempt justify pricing for it.
nice \" CONCEPT \" bicycle,,,,,, please note the word \" concept \" Kriss
Those wheels are likely 20-inchers, either 406 or 451mm ETRTO size. Typical of bikes designed by people who don\'t ride bikes, it shows a lot of problems. No adjustment of seat height. Seat angle looks very steep, probably to clear the battery. Single hand position on cowhorn handlebars that would force an uncomfortably low and stretched out pseudo-racer riding position, which is stupid considering this thing has an 8-speed internal hub and is not anywhere near suitable for racing. 240 watts? Why even bother with such a weak motor?