LG has announced a couple of new monitors that it will showcase at CES in January. The line includes a 32-inch 4K monitor with HDR capability, aimed at creative professionals and gamers, and an ultra-wide multimedia monitor with Chromecast functionality built in.

Displaying deeper blacks and more vibrant colors, high dynamic range (HDR) is one of the big image quality metrics of late: the upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro can process it, and high-end TVs like Sony's Bravia Z9 Series can output it.

Measuring 32 inches and displaying in 4K resolution, LG's new 32UD99 is one of the first HDR-ready monitors, designed for gamers and content creators. Color reproduction has been made a priority, with the IPS panel displaying over 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space, and made prettier with LG's True Color Pro calibration software.

LG's 32UD99 is designed for gamers and professional creatives(Credit: LG)

Behind the borderless screen, the 32UD99 packs a pair of Rich Bass-enabled speakers, and can connect to other devices through a USB Type-C port to stream images, charge devices and transfer data, all at once.

The second monitor, the 34UM79M, is a 34-inch UltraWide Mobile+ Monitor, made for multimedia. To that end, it is the first monitor with Chromecast capabilities built in, allowing a mobile device to be easily paired to stream movies, TV, music and games to the display.

With its wider 21:9 aspect ratio, images from a PC and a mobile device can be displayed side-by-side on the monitor for multitasking, and a function known as Dual Controller Plus allows one keyboard and mouse setup to control both devices. If the screen is out of arm's reach, the LG Mobile+ Monitor app can be used as a remote control for adjusting input, volume, aspect ratio and other functions via a smartphone.

LG hasn't announced pricing or release date details on the two monitors just yet, but we'd expect the company to be saving those tidbits for CES next month. Also set to be on display at the show are a 34-inch 21:9 gaming monitor, and UltraFine 4K and 5K displays.

Source: LG

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