At the IFA in Berlin next week, LG is set to unveil a "wearable robot" exoskeleton designed to help workers take the load off their legs.

LG has been pushing the robot angle hard lately. Last year the electronics company released robots to help out at home and in public places like airports, and earlier this year it followed up with the CLOi lineup to serve visitors in hotels and supermarkets.

The new lower-body exoskeleton also bears the CLOi brand. The LG CLOi SuitBot consists of a pair of robotic legs that a user can step into to augment their own, making it easier to stand, walk and work. The aim is to reduce physical strain and risk of injury for people who are on their feet all day at work.

The SuitBot has sandal-style shoes designed to be easy to slide your own feet into, and will automatically adjust to individual users. LG says it's comfortable and has joints that rotate in a natural way. It's also packed with artificial intelligence to let it learn and get better at its job over time, by analyzing data from the user and the environment. Taking that into account, the SuitBot can apparently suggest the best movements and stances.

Of course, it's not the first example of this type of technology we've seen. Honda has been err, treading the exoskeleton path for some years, while California startup suitX has a non-motorized exoskeleton called MAX for industry use, as well as the modular Phoenix designed to restore mobility to people with disability. Companies like Lockheed Martin have also been tinkering with supportive devices for soldiers. That said, LG's SuitBot may be the first to bring the tech to a more commercial audience.

Details are relatively thin regarding how it works, how much it might cost and when it will be available, but LG says it will properly unveil the CLOi SuitBot at IFA in Berlin, starting next week. New Atlas will be on the show floor to check it out.

Source: LG

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