LG's latest phablet, the G Pro 2, has a lot in common with the company's current smartphone flagship, the G2. But do those differences extend beyond size? Read on, as Gizmag compares the features and specs of LG's G Pro 2 and G2.


The G2 is already a pretty big smartphone, but the enormous G Pro 2 towers above it. This behemoth is 14 percent longer and 15 percent wider than the G2. It is, however, seven percent thinner than its baby brother.


You might expect a phone as enormous as the G Pro 2 to be noticeably heavier. Well, you'd be right. It's 20 percent heavier than its more compact counterpart.


Don't expect a lot of differences in each phone's exterior, as both phones sport the same matte plastic finish. They also both feature LG's, ahem, "revolutionary" back-facing buttons.


The bigger phone naturally has the bigger screen. In this case we're looking at 29 percent more real estate. The flip side to that? Well, you have the same 1080p resolution spread out thinner over a larger canvas. Ergo, the G2's terrific 423 pixels per inch beats out the G Pro 2's still-very-sharp-but-not-as-sharp 373 PPI.

Both devices have a cool LG feature called Knock On. Tap a couple of times on your screen to wake your phone up; do the same when it's already on to turn it off. The G Pro 2, though, takes it to the next level with "Knock Code." It lets you set up a series of taps to serve as a passcode of sorts. LG hasn't mentioned anything about Knock Code coming to the G2, but, who knows, maybe a future software update could share the love.


Internal storage options are the same, though the G Pro 2 has a microSD card slot. You won't find one of those on the G2.


It's way too early to have anything to say about the G Pro 2's battery life, but, for what it's worth, it does hold a little more juice than the G2 does.


Judging by megapixels alone, it looks like we might have the same cameras in the G Pro 2.

4K video recording

The G Pro 2's camera does, however, have some cool extras. One is the ability to record 4K Ultra HD videos. The G2's processor has the capabilities to do the same, but LG disabled it via software.

Slow-motion video

The G Pro 2 also lets you record video in slow motion. It records in HD (720p?) at 120 frames per second, and lets you edit from three slow-mo speeds after the fact. The G2 also lacks this camera-based feature.


Let's not forget that both of these handsets run some of the fastest mobile silicon around. You'll find Qualcomm's speed-demon, the Snapdragon 800, in both the G Pro 2 and G2.


The G Pro 2 also has an extra gig of RAM. Perhaps that's part of the logic behind leaving 4K recording out of the G2?


If you're looking for a phone with near-field communication (NFC) capabilities, both of these puppies are there to answer your call.


The G Pro 2 is going to launch with Android 4.4 KitKat. There is technically a KitKat update rolling out for the G2, but most versions/regions are still on Jelly Bean – and may be for at least a little while longer.

Unsolved mysteries

We often tackle subjects like release dates and prices in these comparisons, but we still don't know about those for the G Pro 2. LG has only officially announced it for the Korean market, only mentioning that its availability in the US and other markets "has not yet been determined." The G2 has been around since August of 2013, and typically retails for around US$700 off-contract, and around $100 with a new two-year blood oath, erm, contract with the carrier of your choice.
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