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LG releases world's only 32-inch Plasma TV

LG releases world's only 32-in...
LG's 32-inch 32PC5RV plasma
LG's 32-inch 32PC5RV plasma
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LG's 32-inch 32PC5RV plasma
LG's 32-inch 32PC5RV plasma

Oct. 23, 2007 Recent trends have seen LCD screens growing large enough to rival their plasma cousins, but now LG have announced its first 32-inch plasma TV, giving consumers the option of a plasma screen in the fast growing small TV market where LCDs are dominant. The new 32PC5RV will be released in Brazil this month followed by a worldwide roll-out to 27 countries by November.

On its release the LG 32PC5RV will be the “smallest and slimmest plasma TV available” and features a 16:9 aspect ratio and 0.001 ms response time.

Figures from DisplaySearch quoted in LG’s press release show that demand for 32-inch LCD TVs has grown to comprise 24.9 million units in 2007, and is expected to increase to 33.4 million units in 2008 – compare this to a figure of 5.8million back in 2005.

The impetus for the growth in the 32-inch flat panel segment is cited as a combination of saturation in the large-size market and the growing consumer preference for secondary or private TV for the home in established markets along with increasing demand for flat panel TVs in emerging markets.

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