LG is trotting out a technology for its new line of Super UHD TVs. Dubbed Nano Cells, the company claims this variation on quantum dot displays can create better color accuracy and widen the range of angles that viewers can watch from.

Quantum dot displays have been doing the rounds for a few years now. When excited, these semiconducting crystals emit different colors of light depending on their size, and they're usually present as a color filter layer between the LED backlight and the LCD display. LG's new Nano Cell TVs work much the same way, except the particles themselves don't vary in size: they're all only one nanometer wide.

When applied as a similar color filter layer, the Nano Cells apparently absorb the excess light that flows around them, so that individual pixels don't bleed colors into each other. LG says that the technology should reduce visual degradation issues like color fading and image instability, and keep the colors pure from most viewing angles, between straight-on and about 60 degrees to either side. In addition, bright ambient lighting like daylight won't ruin the show.

High-Dynamic Range (HDR) is the in-thing for image quality buffs, and the new Super UHD line supports that in its many forms, including Dolby Vision, HDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma and Technicolor's Advanced HDR. LG also claims that the TVs can upscale standard content to give them an HDR spit-shine.

Watching something and can't remember where you've seen that actor before? Among other new additions is a function called Magic Link, which allows viewers to quickly access IMDB-like information about the actors or movies on-screen, and services like Netflix and Amazon are now just one button press away.

This third iteration of LG's Super UHD TV series includes three models – the SJ9500, the SJ8500 and the SJ8000 – but we don't have any pricing or release details just yet. In fact, beyond the flagship SJ9500, which measures 55 inches and is as thin as 6.9 mm (0.27 in), we don't even know how big the other two models are. LG is expected to shed some light on those questions at CES this week.

Source: LG

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