April 27, 2009 The DivX video codec – which uses MPEG-4 compression – has been a popular feature in an enormous range of electronic devices, especially digital televisions, because of its ability to balance high-quality video against a significantly reduced file size. Now, LG Electronics is planning to launch a new line of digital TVs that can play back full DivX HD 1080p videos – the first device series in the world to do so, according to digital media company DivX.

Available in the United States and Europe in late May and late April respectively, the new LG digital TV line-up will let you play back DivX HD videos from the PC or the internet through the USB slot.

“Being first to market with digital TVs capable of playing back DivX HD 1080p video is a big win for LG as well as our customers,” says Simon Kang, CEO and president of LG Home Entertainment. “As people expand their DivX HD video collections, they are looking for more convenient ways to watch them on their TVs.

“We’ve given them the ultimate convenience by building support for DivX HD playback into our digital TVs. This is another feature we’ve integrated beautifully inside of our TVs, and we look forward to working with DivX in the future to offer even more innovative solutions that effortlessly bring HD video into people’s living rooms.”

Using DivX technology, users can fit about two hours of high-quality DivX HD video on an 8GB media card.

According to DivX CEO Kevin Hell: “DivX video technology has long been capable of producing great HD video with remarkably efficient compression. Now consumers will be able to easily enjoy those DivX HD files directly on their televisions. The LG digital TVs provide a comprehensive, cutting-edge digital media experience that clearly represents the future of consumer electronics devices.”

DivX Certified products undergo rigorous testing to ensure interoperability, security and visual quality. More than 200 models of LG digital TVs have been DivX Certified.

According to DivX, “over 100 million DivX Certified devices have shipped worldwide from major manufacturers, and more than 400 digital TV models from leading consumer electronics manufacturers have been DivX Certified to date”.

More information on DivX Certification is available here.

Paul Best