Those looking for a way to get movies and other digital media stored on a PC from the study onto the TV in the lounge have a few choices open to them. These include burning the content to CD or DVD, sending the content wirelessly to a media streamer or transporting the content on a USB drive. Those looking at the latter option have a new drive from LG to consider in the form of the XF1, which sports HDMI and composite outputs for direct connection to a TV.

The XF1 is definitely pretty enough to take up residence in the lounge, with a seashell inspired, mother of pearl-like color shifting case, which is just 20.8 mm thick. The unit also features playback controls in case you misplace the included remote control. The drive is capable of outputting 1080i video with a support for a range of codecs including AVI, Xvid and MPEG, but not H.264, WMV or MKV. It does however support all popular sound formats as well as JPEG and BMP photo support.

The LG XF1 supports a USB 2.0 connection and will be available in capacities of 320 and 500GB, but the FAT32/NTFS file format means the drive isn’t Mac friendly. The 500GB unit has already appeared on some European online stores priced at EUR€199.89, but further pricing and release dates are yet to be announced.

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