A new advancement in laser therapy has recently received the green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and may become the latest tool in removing unwanted fat cells. Osyris Medical has created the LipoControl system for laser-assisted lipolysis – the breakdown of body fats. However, unlike Coolsculpting, LipoControl does not bypass the need for invasive surgery. The system has been specifically designed for use in the operating room, along with laser lipolysis procedures. Unlike common liposuction units, this device is used to accurately zap unwanted fat cells using a laser, which then allows for an easier and cleaner suction out.

The system also offers a “real time” energy mapping view to help assist the surgeon with precision and accuracy. The feature allows users to determine in real time just what amount energy is being delivered to a given area in the body. "It's almost like seeing inside the body where the liposuction or laser fiber is, allowing the physician to deliver a uniform amount of energy," said Osyris' Dr. Neil Sadick. “ With other laser lipolysis technologies you're randomly moving laser fiber in and out.”

LipoControl can reportedly be used to help reshape specific body areas including love handles, hips (small), abdomen, stomach, back of arms, back, knees, ankles, inside thighs and chin.