A new backpack from Livestream called the Livepack puts a broadcast TV truck on your shoulders without the weight or cumbersome dimensions – but with the same broadcast capabilities. If you get A-list invitations that put you up close and personal with celebrities, or just fancy yourself as part of the paparazzi, this is a must-have device. The Livestream Livepack crams into a backpack the hardware unit to encode and transmit HD video, a Firewire cable, and six load-balanced built-in 3G modems in order to get the highest possible available bitrate. The system even comes with a dedicated IP address to stream to your Livestream channel - you’ll be a professional roving reporter before you know it (as long as you can provide your own Firewire DV camera).

The video you output is HD, up to 1Mbp/s, H.264, so quality isn’t an issue. And, as long as you’re within range of a 3G cell phone signal, you’re right to go. The six modems aggregate the bandwidth in order to get the highest possible bitrate, even if one or two of the networks are not available, or have poor or intermittent connectivity.

How much? Well, you can’t buy the unit outright, instead you can rent it for US$2,500 per month or US$1,500 per month on a 12-month contract. For that, you get the hardware and all 3G/EVDO network contract and charges, plus 30 hours of streaming uplink time per month. An external battery for around three hours of power is available for purchase.

Find out more at Livestream.

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