Last year we had a brief look at some of the wonderful handcrafted arcade tributes of Sweden's Love Hultén, including a portable two-player console he called the Cary42. The retro-modern designer says his latest build, dubbed OriginX, is a design nod to a Pong arcade cabinet, the insanely popular table tennis game from Atari that helped kickstart video gaming.

The OriginX's handcrafted walnut enclosure with an aluminum control panel and bright yellow facade hangs on the wall instead of standing on its own. The outside looks retro but there's a modern computer inside running the show.

Tasty visuals are served up on a 19 inch, 4:3 aspect LCD screen with digital barrel distortion to mimic classic CRT displays. Under the screen, there are stereo speakers to hear chirpy arcade sound effects, with a power on and volume dial and colorful keyboard key-like game selection buttons inbetween. And a control zone with two joysticks, each flanked by six control buttons, extends out toward the player(s).

This tribute doesn't just include Pong, but also more than 10,000 classic game emulations including Donkey Kong, Gauntlet and Contra. Players can add more via USB to create a personal game library.

The 55 x 65 x 17 cm (21.6 x 25.6 x 6.7 in) OriginX cabinet is going up for sale in August for €2,899 (about US$3,400), and will be limited to a production run of just 50 units. If bright yellow is not your color of choice, others are available on request. The video below has more.

Source: Love Hultén

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