Swedish designer Love Hulten fuses classic crafts like woodwork with 1980s arcade technology to create weirdly discordant, but also compellingly beautiful, objects that evoke a sense of nostalgia while still being entirely new – and playable. His latest piece is called Cary42, and it's a two-player arcade console housed in a solid wood attaché case.

The most exciting thing about Hulten's work is that it isn't just for show. Everything he creates is entirely functional and Cary42 is no exception. A 12-inch LCD screen is built into the case alongside 10-watt stereo speakers. The unit comes with 100 games pre-installed, but it can store up to 10,000 emulated games. As with most of the artist's other work, this is a limited edition and expensive. In this instance only 50 units are being made with each one going for €2,599 (about US$3,030).

"I want my objects to create a state of curiosity – using references from both past and present, a blend much more interesting than just putting something on repeat," Hulten writes on his website.

His uniquely bespoke way of mashing up mid-century furniture aesthetics with 1980s technology has resulted in some amazing pieces of work. Pixel Vision is a lovely wooden twist on the Game Boy, while Golden Apple is a replica of an Apple Macintosh, handmade from American walnut and fitted with a Mac Mini.

Other magnificent creations include a variety of twists on the old arcade machine, a little like stylish Ikea arcade emulators. Take a look through our gallery for a closer look at the marvellous work of Love Hulten.

Source: Love Hulten

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