Luna unleashes its affordably insane 2000-watt X-1 Enduro ebike

Luna unleashes its affordably ...
Carbon frame, 2,000-watt mid-drive, high spec componentry, impressive price
Carbon frame, 2,000-watt mid-drive, high spec componentry, impressive price
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Tentatively called the X-1, the new Luna enduro beast looks like a monster
Tentatively called the X-1, the new Luna enduro beast looks like a monster
Carbon frame, 2,000-watt mid-drive, high spec componentry, impressive price
Carbon frame, 2,000-watt mid-drive, high spec componentry, impressive price

This thing looks like an absolute monster, with up to 2,000 watts of "Ludicrous mode" power out of its chunky Bafang mid-drive motor. It rocks a carbon frame with six inches of Rockshox suspension travel front and rear – and it's just US$3450 on presale.

Luna seems to be killing it lately on affordable high-performance ebikes. We were blown away when it started to bring the Sur-Ron Light Bee into the United states, and equally impressed with the company's recent Fixed stealth machine.

But with its first proper enduro-style ebike, Luna was keen to squeeze some full-on performance specs into a super-lightweight carbon-framed machine with enough high-end components to be trail-ready out of the box, but with a conservative enough look to pass for something legal on the bike path – at least until it goes rocketing past on full power.

The bike runs a quiet Bafang M600 motor, the latest powerplant from this Chinese company, capable of a continuous 750 watts in stock form. Paired with one of Luna's high-output, 40-amp "Ludicrous" controllers, however, you can extract a full 2 kilowatts. The motor is beautifully integrated into the frame, and runs with either a throttle or via torque sensors, which sense how hard you're pedaling and chip in to multiply your effort. Riders will be able to dial the power down to legal levels around 600 watts with the aid of a screwdriver. Well, legal in the United States, anyway.

Tentatively called the X-1, the new Luna enduro beast looks like a monster
Tentatively called the X-1, the new Luna enduro beast looks like a monster

The battery, a 14.5 ah / 700 watt-hour removable unit that uses Panasonic GA cells, is nicely slotted into the bike's downtube. Range is claimed to be in the vicinity of 30-40 miles (50-65 km), provided you're pedaling and not leaning on the throttle the whole way.

The bike will weigh 50 pounds (22 kg) – lighter than a seven-grand Haibike Xduro Nduro 10 with a piddly 250-watt motor. It'll roll with Rockshox Debonair Yari 160 mm forks and a Rockshox Monarch 200 mm shock. It's got Sram Guide 4 piston disc brakes, an Sram SX Eagle 12-speed gearset, Maxxis tires, and a dropper seat post so you can whip the seat right out of the way when it's time to get big air on a trail, then pop it back up at the touch of a switch when it's time to sit down and cruise again. Almost all the cabling is internal, giving the bike a sleek, tight and attractive look in any color you like, as long as it's black.

Luna is selling this thing, which is tentatively called the X-1, for US$3450. That's for pre-sales, the retail price once stock comes in will be over US$4,000. Given the way this thing's been specced-out and put together, it looks like a terrific deal on an absolutely insane bike that'll be just as comfortable blasting you up steep hills and soaking up 10-foot drops on the downhill track as it will quietly getting you to work on Monday morning. Very cool, we'd love to take one for a blast.

Source: Luna Cycles

Beautiful, I want 1, yes! But Affordable, I wouldn't call it that. For most of the world that's not affordable that price is ridiculous (for an electric bike). You can get a really nice motorcycle in any country for well under that price. I get it for the average city dweller in a large city this makes sense as opposed to the expense of owning a car. But affordable is getting an electric bicycle conversion kit for $250, that does the exact same thing this bike does, that's affordable.
Affordable?? If you want an affordable e-bike look at Rad Bikes. How is $3,500 "affordable"??
Overpriced and underperforming. The range spec is bogus--no manufacturer worth its salt would post a "with pedaling" range for an ebike. No voltage or top speed is given in the article. Did the writer even bother to winnow out the actual specs of this ebike?
Affordable? What's the going rate for what you do these days? And how do I get in on that?
You just can’t compare this to a motorcycle, and you sure as hell can’t compare it to an ebike kit. It’s like comparing a mountaineering boot to a house slipper. A motorcycle weighs 350-450 lbs. You can’t haul it around over your shoulder. It’s apples and oranges. Comparing this to an ebike kit just doesn’t work either. For one thing you can’t kit 2000watts onto a bike that hasn’t been built for that kind of torque, that’s why all current kits don’t usually go beyond 500w, and if they do there’s going to be structural issues. Plus that bike is going to need to have hydraulic brakes, decent suspension, upgraded cassette and derailer, stronger chain, etc. It just doesn’t work to throw that kind of power onto some bike not designed for it. The only comparison appropriate is to other similarly spec’d ebikes and this definitely ranks as affordable.
If they were to halve that price, they would sell a million in the first year. As it is, they may sell a couple thousand. Really too bad.
That's exactly what I'm looking for, it's beautiful, responsive, long winded, fully suspended, lightweight, and cool looking (I'd add fenders, hating the mud stripes of MB riding.) You're onto it BIGTIME, Luna. Just get the price to reflect the "affordable" which is arrogantly being bandied around by exhorbitantly-paid writers. ;) (Thanks, Loz.)
Prof McKenzie
Oh 3500$ really? Luna just put cheap Chinesse carbon frame called: "Dengfu". Just write in google: Dengfu Bafang frame. Price of frame 600$, price of motor 580$, battery 300$ (14S4P) from Sanyo GA. With 40A controller makes them lifetime for 10 cycles. After that capacity drop more than 20%. Warranty 6 month or 1 month? Thats all for this bike. Production costs 1,5k USD + 2k usd marge for Luna.
Between this and the Fixed, Luna has launched some nice looking bikes. Luna has never tried to be the cheapest, they leave that market segment to Sonders, Rad Power Bikes, and Juiced. There is a market for higher end ebikes and some of the companies that make them have been seen steady growth. Some companies in this space are seeing 2x and 3x year over year growth. @Prof McKenzie if you honestly believe you can make bikes on this level for $1,500 you need to give serious though into dropping whatever else it is you are doing and starting an ebike company. Maybe you'll realize the costs are higher than you anticipated and maybe you'll get rich but if you are that sure why not take the gamble?
The comments on this story are ridiculous. Spec out a non ebike with these kinds of components and you'll pay over 3k. Yes 3500 is a lot of money, but for an ebike with these specs it's affordable when you consider other similar carbon ebikes are double the cost. Take a look at the specs on radpower or any of the other low cost (1500) ebikes. Much heavier, low grade components, and worthless suspension. But people who know what they're looking at here know value when they see it.
I think its a fantastic effort by Luna & congrats to them! I personally would go for the Sur-Ron for similar money over this, but that's my personal pref - nothing against this great looking rig. Should one opt for the DIY direction, you could save the $, but would certainly lack the X-1's refinement and having had most of the trouble of the build worked out for you, allowing you to focus on riding!
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