A new development of 33 private luxury floating homes is to be built at The World artificial archipelago in Dubai. Designed by Waterstudio.NL and Jean-Michel Cousteau, they will be part of the Oqyana World First, which forms the Australasian portion of The World.

Announced in 2003, The World is a series of man-made islands in the shape of the seven continents. It covers an area of 931 hectares and includes residential islands, commercial areas with resorts, transit hubs for ferries, and a tourism zone.

The scheme has not been without its problems, having run into difficulties during the global economic downturn. Since then, however, work has restarted on the project.

The new private islands each feature a garden, a pool and a beach, and can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. The islands are designed to be completely stable on the water and to last for over 100 years. They will also provide new underwater habitats for sea life.

The floating homes are not yet available for sale and there is no word yet on when they will be completed.

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