As we all know, it's important to stay hydrated when we're working out … or even when we aren't. We can't just use thirst as an indicator, however, since we're usually dehydrated by the time it occurs. So, how do we know when to take a drink? BSX Athletics has developed what it claims is the answer, in the form of LVL – reportedly the world's first wearable hydration monitor.

Worn on the wrist, the water-resistant LVL emits multi-wavelength near-infrared light through the skin and into the tissue below. By analyzing the light that's reflected back to an integrated optical sensor, it's able to detect subtle changes in the color of the blood, which in turn indicate how much water has been lost in the form of sweat. If those levels are approaching the dehydration threshold, LVL alerts the user, showing them the volume of water that needs to be consumed in order to address the situation.

The device can also track parameters such as heart rate, sleep quality, activity (steps), and calories burned.

It has a color touchscreen display of its own, although it can additionally be synced with an accompanying iOS/Android smartphone app, or paired with various popular cycling computers. Battery life is up to four days per 1 to 2-hour charge.

LVL is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, and has already exceeded its funding goal. If you're interested in getting one, you can presently do so for a pledge of US$119 – assuming all goes according to plans. The estimated retail price is $199.

Source: Kickstarter

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