After finding some success with its Nemo Underwater Drone last year, Chinese startup Aquarobotman is back with a seafaring vehicle that takes humans along for the ride. Now on Kickstarter, the MagicJet underwater scooter can propel divers, snorkelers and swimmers through the water with its onboard motor, and features an interesting modular design should they want to double the thrust.

On its own, the MagicJet isn't markedly different to many of the other underwater scooters we've looked at recently, which allow folks to latch on and be propelled through the water with the help of built-in motors and batteries.

In the case of the MagicJet, a 600 W motor powered by a 155-Wh rechargeable battery tows them through the water at up to 4 mph (6.4 km/h), offering them up to 100 minutes of run time down to depths of 164 ft (50 m). According to Aquarobotman, the motor runs quietly enough to not disturb marine life, yet is powerful enough to tow two adults through the water.

But should speed demons of the sea still be left wanting, they can a strap a pair of MagicJets together and enjoy double the fun, similar to the LeFeet S1 we looked at last year. This brings the number of ways the MagicJet can be used to three, with a single unit able to be controlled with one hand for greater freedom, two hands for stability, or two hands with two units combined together for greater thrills.

The MagicJet is fitted with propeller guards to protect arms and hands from the turbines, an LED battery indicator, and three GoPro mounts to help users capture all the action. It is also designed to be buoyant, so if the user loses their grip it will simply rise to the surface.

Aquarobotman is offering single MagicJets to early backers of its Kickstarter campaign for a pledge of US$299, while a pair is exactly double that at $598. If everything runs to plan, the company hopes to begin shipping in August this year. You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Aquarobotman

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