One of the best things about tiny houses is that they can be customized to reflect people's particular tastes and lifestyles. If your idea of a good time happens to include hanging out with friends, putting golf balls, and shooting both hoops and guns, then the off-grid Man Cave Tiny House, by Utah's Upper Valley Tiny Homes, may be of interest.

The Man Cave isn't intended to serve as a full-time tiny home, but rather help its owner (and his or her friends) have a good time, such as on hunting trips, camping, and the like. It sits on a double-axle trailer and measures 7 x 18 ft (2.1 x 5.5 m).

The exterior sports a basketball hoop and dartboard, while a ladder provides access to the rooftop deck. At the rear of the Man Cave, one pair of storage doors reveal a large slide-out BBQ, and another provides access to a washing machine and solar power kit. The solar power setup comprises four batteries connected to a 500 W rooftop solar array that allows it to operate off-the-grid.

In what's perhaps a first in the tiny house movement, a garage door and removable ramp allows users to drive a small quad or dirt bike right into the Man Cave, though this does take up what little shared living space there is.

Though there's barely room to swing the proverbial cat in the Man Cave, occupants can swing a golf club, as a tiny putting strip – really more of a novelty than for serious practice – has been installed on the floor.

Some storage cubbies lie inside the walls and the kitchenette includes a propane double-burner and sink, storage space, and fridge/freezer. On the opposite side lies a bathroom with toilet and shower.

At the rear of the Man Cave are two beds with matching gun racks (rifle not included) and storage. Stairs lead to a small loft area with a third sleeping area that contains its own storage space and gun rack. Occupants can access the rooftop deck directly from the loft, though from the photos it looks like you'd need to slide across on your stomach.

The model pictured was built for a promotion to show customers how a tiny house is made, and so is for sale at US$33,500. Usually, it fetches $37,050.

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