One of the advantages of map apps over traditional paper maps is the fact that with an app, the user can zoom in on one area of a map – no having to spread a whole paper map out just to look at one part of the city. British product designer Anne Stauche decided to level the playing field a little, with her map2 zoomable paper map.

In its completely folded-down form, the map2 fits in the user’s pocket. A very basic overview map of the city is displayed on its backside. Upon initially opening it, a larger map with public transportation routes is revealed. Open it further, however, and a 4-quadrant map of the city is the result.

To view any one of those quadrants in more detail, you just pull that section open – the other three quadrants remain closed. If you want to keep just that one quadrant handy, you can fold the map down to display only that section on the front (plus another quadrant on the back).

Stauche started by creating a map of London, then added a map of Berlin after receiving a lot of public interest and requests. She now hopes to produce a whole series of maps for cities around the world, and has turned to Kickstarter to fund that venture. A pledge of £8 (US$12) will get you a map of London, Berlin or New York, when and if the funding goal is met.

A demo of the map2 is featured in the video below.

Sources: map2, Kickstarter via Wired UK

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