Matter and Form will launch its long-awaiting 3D scanner in February. According to Matter and Form, the scanner, first covered by Gizmag in April, is the first affordable and high-resolution device of its kind.

The Matter and Form scanner was conceived by friends Drew Cox and Adam Brandejs. Its development was funded by an Indiegogo campaign run last year, that raised almost US$500,000 – well over its target of $81,000. The device will retail at $579, making it cheaper than many alternatives that are on the market.

“We thought it would be popular with the hacker/maker crowd,” says Brandejs, “but the applications are much broader than that. We’ve had interest from designers, artists, archeologists, dentists and even parents who want to scan their kids’ artwork.”

The scanner employs a high-definition camera, comprising an HD CMOS sensor and two lasers, to produce color scans at a resolution that the company claims can equal or better those produced by more expensive scanners. Details as fine as 0.43mm can be captured and the overall margin of error is ±0.25mm.

It can accommodate objects up to 25 cm (9.8 in) in height and 18 cm (7.0 in) in diameter. Objects can be scanned in as little as five minutes, or for high quality scanning will take up to 45 minutes. Users will be able to upload and share their scanned images to the Matter and Form community.

You can find out a little more about Matter and Form’s story in the video below.

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