Designer Max Zhivov recently unveiled his latest project, the Modul Go. It's envisioned as an inexpensive and flexible motorized houseboat that could serve as a residence, coffee shop, or even be grouped together with other units to form a small floating community. As of writing it's still in the design stage, but Zhivov hopes to eventually bring it to market.

The Modul Go would be placed atop a floating platform measuring either 9 x 4.5 m or 13 x 6.5 m (29.5 x 14.7 ft or 42 x 21 ft) and propelled with electric motors. A roof-based solar array would provide some electricity and a water purification system would also be installed, but we've no finer details on this yet.

The interior would include a living area, dining area, kitchenette, bedroom and a bathroom with shower. There would be lots of options available, including layout, window placement, and color. In addition, an optional taller roof section would add a loft bedroom.

If it comes to market, customers would use an app on a smartphone or tablet to select whether they need a floating coffee store, cargo transportation model, or home, for example, before choosing additional options. The unit chosen would then be prefabricated in a factory and delivered in parts using trucks, taking a team of four people 48 hours to assemble when on site.

Zhivov told us that he's hoping to find investors to help move the project along. Should all go well, he expects the Modul Go to cost around €100,000 (approximately US$124,500). This is still a good chunk of change, but compares favorably with other models we've covered like the Bluefield Houseboat and UFO 2.0, which cost $200,000 and more.

Source: Max Zhivov

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