McLaren has been busy with news of a duo of specially-designed boutique vehicles. First came news of the US$2 million P1 GTR, followed by a Special Operations version of the 650S. Debuting at Pebble Beach this week, the duo will now be joined by a track-focused racer in the form of the 650S Sprint.

Set to be shown at the McLaren tent this week, the orange and black liveried 650S Sprint will be the third special vehicle to make an appearance from the UK outfit. Alongside a McLaren Special Operations (MSO) 650S and the highly anticipated P1 GTR, the new track packaged Sprint is being promoted as a serious track competitor.

Sporting a more "track focused" rear braking system to allow later braking, and a race bred ProActive Chassis Control (PCC) system, McLaren reports the Sprint model will over-deliver on the track while still retaining its refined road-going qualities.

On the aerodynamic front, McLaren has tweaked the 650S Sprint to increase downforce, while at the same time engine cooling efficiency has been enhanced thanks to a revised intake configuration and larger GT3-designed radiator. A GT3 hood with integrated ductwork, plus a forward chin spoiler and big rear wing help round out the car’s track-centric styling.

The 3.8 twin-turbo V8 still puts out the same 641 hp (471 kW) as the stock 650S, however McLaren assures us that the re-calibrated engine and gearbox combination will bring about a car that’s even more adept on the track. Helping the gearbox and power delivery side of things along is a revised suspension and new rubbers. Perched atop 19 inch Pirelli racing slicks, the 650S Sprint not only runs lower thanks to suspension modifications, but also features reworked dampers and springs tuned out for track mode. And just like the big boys, McLaren has included an onboard air jack system for when those critical seconds count in the pits.

But while engineering teams were busy tweaking aerodynamics and fiddling with the car’s underpinnings, another team focused on the cockpit in order to reduce weight where possible. To enhance safety, an FIA approved rollcage and lightweight carbon fiber HANS-approved racing seats featuring six-point racing harness for the driver have been built into the snug new cockpit, which also boasts an integrated fire extinguisher system. But not all comforts have been jettisoned in the pursuit of performance, with an air-conditioning system making the cut.

To further up the game, McLaren is offering buyers of the 650S Sprint additional weight-saving options in the form of a CFD (computational fluid dynamics) developed aero-package, which includes a carbon fiber front splitter and rear spoiler. A polycarbonate windshield is also available as an optional upgrade for those looking to further reduce weight.

McLaren reports the 650S Sprint is ready for track-day use for only US$332,000. Watch for Gizmag’s on-the-scene gallery, including the trio of McLaren offerings, from Pebble Beach next week.

Source: McLaren

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