Everything in the home, from light bulbs to TVs to fridges, seems to be getting smarter, and you can now add stoves to the list. Meld is a smart knob that attaches to your cooker, automating the process of maintaining temperatures and promising a perfect meal every time. It comes with a clip to monitor food temperature in the pot, and an app for iOS and Android that enables you to program in recipes.

If you're guilty of often overcooking or undercooking dinner, then the Meld could be just the ticket. The Meld Knob replaces one of the circular knobs on your existing cooker, working in tandem with the Clip thermometer to keep pots and pans at a regular temperature, turning the oven knob to raise or lower it as required. Through the companion app you can access a selection of provided recipe templates or create your own, and the Meld system then follows your instructions (the Knob can be controlled manually too).

According to its makers, the Meld has been designed to work on virtually every gas and electric cooktop and was created to make cooking instructions like "leave to simmer" or "cook on a medium-high heat" easier to apply for kitchen novices.

"The Meld Knob and Clip are ideal for slow cooking, simmering, sous vide, poaching, frying and even candy making," explains Jon Jenkins, the co-founder and CEO of Meld. "We've focused on building a product that works with the things you already own. It's like upgrading your existing cookware and cooktop."

The Meld team is promising easy installation, easy cleaning and long battery life from its equipment. Both the Knob and the Clip communicate via Bluetooth, are powered by AAA batteries and are made from chemically-resistant and waterproof materials.

The device's makers are looking for funding via Kickstarter, and they've already smashed through their original US$50,000 goal in just a few days. There are no early bird slots left, so backers will need to pledge at least $129 for a Meld Knob and Clip (that's $20 off the retail price). If all goes to plan, shipping is expected in October 2015. The video below shows the Meld system in action.

Source: Meld

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