To many people, the Mercedes-Maybach S600 represents an unachievable dream car. With rich business moguls and heads of state as its target market, it straddles a line between classy refinement and over the top luxury. But what happens when you take the S600 as your starting point and throw all caution to the wind? Well, it probably looks something like the new 888 hp Scaldarsi Emperor 1.

Rather than running with the standard V12 from the S600, Scaldarsi has traded it out for the twin-turbocharged 6.3-liter V12 from the Brabus Rocket 900. Peak power is pegged at a bonkers 888 hp (662 kW), enough to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.7 seconds.

There are plenty of cars out there with big power, but where the Emperor really stands out the from the crowd is in the design stakes. Gone is the standard chrome grille, and in its place is a massive rose gold abomination that makes a Bentley look positively subtle. The grille is part of a bigger bodykit, including a new front bumper, side skirts and rear diffuser, all of which ride roughshod over the tidy lines of the car they're based on.

Opening the doors makes the exterior seem a bit tame. The dashboard is trimmed in crocodile-pattern leather, the seats are finished in their own unique leather pattern, and rose gold has been used to replace the chrome you'd find in a regular S-Class. Interestingly, the Mercedes infotainment system and displays look unchanged.

As if the car wasn't enough, the Scaldarsi option list extends well beyond different leather and wheel choices. There's optional leather luggage to match the trim, and owners in the market for a Rolex can get one to match their car. Even the key is bejewelled, with a range of different finishes on offer.

According to Autoblog, you'll pay around US$1.5 million for the privilege of owning a Scaldarsi Emperor 1. The company says there are four more Emperors to come, based on the Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes G-Wagen, Bugatti Chiron and Mercedes S65 Coupe.

Source: Scaldarsi

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