Creating a different look for the Mercedes Sprinter camper van, Hartmann Tuning keeps interior furnishings and equipment minimal and flexible, opening up a lot of space for gear and cargo. Its SP Vansports Camper looks like an intriguing way to journey deep into the outdoors, set up camp and spend a few days exploring by dirt bike, surfboard, mountain bike or ski.

Hartmann's Mercedes Vito-based Vansports Camper appeared at last year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon alongside other Mercedes camper vans of various styles and sizes. The larger Sprinter version offers more room for living and playing.

Instead of trying to turn its Sprinter camper van into an elaborate home on wheels, Hartmann keeps things simple and utilitarian. The Sprinter Vansports Camper features an open layout, aluminum load floor, slim, removable furniture, and surfaces dominated by blacks, grays and metals.

In place of the usual folding seat bed, Hartmann uses two side panels that drop down to create a single 5.7 x 6.2-ft (1.75 x 1.9-m) bed. When the bed is not in use, the two halves swing up against the interior walls, opening up a lot of free space that could be filled with bikes, surfboards, skis, tools, supplementary camping gear, or all manner of other things.

In front of the bed, two rear passenger seats stand next to a slim kitchen area. Instead of integrating the two-burner stove into the top of the kitchen block, Hartmann slides it away in a cabinet, keeping the countertop free and open. A sink hooked up to a 12 L fresh/12 L waste water system sits next to the counter, with an 18 L Waeco compressor fridge down below. A removable table hooks up to the kitchen, and the front passenger seat swings around when it's time to eat.

Hartmann has created an interesting compromise between the basic, kitchen-less recreation support vehicle, like the Volkswagen California Beach or Mercedes Marco Polo Activity, and the full-fledged camper van. It has included a kitchen, but its design is still much simpler and more open than a full-time camper van loaded with wardrobes and cabinets, bathrooms and other permanent equipment.

Hartmann's three camper modules are also removable by way of the floor rails, so the van can double as an everyday driver. The owners can head out to the mountains, coast or lake on an extended adventure weekend with their sports gear of choice, enjoy proper nights of sleep under the van roof and prepare meals inside. When they get back, they can remove their gear and the camper modules, give the interior a good wipe down and drive the Sprinter into work the next morning. Variable seating options offer space for more people.

Being a tuner, Hartmann also offers options like Alcantara, leather and exterior body components. It lists the Sprinter Vansports Camper in a la carte fashion, as a series of components and options, so instead of trying to break all the pricing down, we'll direct those interested to its catalog (PDF), which also has information about the V-Class/Vito Vansports Camper.

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