Metal Storm and Taser developing less than-lethal ammunition

Metal Storm and Taser developing less than-lethal ammunition
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Metal Storm and TASER are developing less-than-lethal ammunition for the aptly-named MAUL rapid-fire 12-gauge launcher. The tiny 800 gram MAUL fits on an assault rifle (pictured), and shoots five bullets which incapacitate those it hits with the same Neuro Muscular effect of a handheld TASER.

Until very recently, the basic concept of the gun had changed little since the advent of gunpowder, and nearly all guns still run on the same principles. A decade ago, Metal Storm developed a new type of digital gun that is more closely related to the inkjet printer than traditional ordnance.

Its ammunition is stacked, fired electronically and ammunition types can be mixed, enabling the same gun to perform multiple roles.

Meanwhile, the dumb lumps of metal which guns initially fired evolved into intelligent projectiles capable of delivering a range of payloads for everything from door-breaching, grenade launching, and now non-lethal.

Metal Storm has signed a memorandum of understanding to begin working with TASER to produce rapid-fire less-then-lethal ammunition for the its aptly-named MAUL rapid-fire 12-gauge launcher.

The firepower of the 800 gram MAUL belies its size and although it can be operated independently from its own shoulder stock, it can also be fitted as an accessory to an assault rifle, or used with a pistol grip.

A five round reload takes two seconds and each bullet (pictured) incapacitates those it hits with the same Neuro Muscular effect of a handheld TASER.

When fully-developed, the ammunition will offer the MAUL semi-automatic non-lethal firing of Extended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP) TASER ammunition, as fast as you can squeeze the trigger, with accuracy up to 100 feet.

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this was only a matter of time. finally.......everyone knew tazer guns that go 20 feet were only the beginning.
based on metal storms track record. this thing will be useless and no one will buy it. you know why? they always overlook the obvious cheaper substitute before asking whether or not they should develop a weapon.
answer: rubber bullets.
Please, please do not sell these to Syria. Or any other regime that opresses their people (Burma, etc.). Just what they need. Taze 1,000\'s of protesters and claim tolerent response.
jesus god almighty, I would love to see somebody being shot with one of these things. lol
Don\'t worry, they won\'t be sold to Syria. They\'ll be sold to your friendly local police department.
William Jolley
And let\'s not forget, you\'ve got about 10 seconds to get the subject under control before the batteries run out of juice, good luck.
Bill Bennett
yo nazareno, I have a tazer, give me your address, you can watch yourself getting shot and enjoy your wet poopy undies when you come to with no idea what happened to you, we can shoot video and put it on you tube, so you can watch it again and again, and well show it to your girlfriend too, moron
Dan Kaplan
800g is not tiny when it\'s being shot at you
David Tobin
You do not want one of the Taser X-REP's to hit you on the head. Ask Raul Moat - oh no you cannot because he died of a head injury he apparently inflicted on himself (with a fishing weight he shot from an adapted shotgun cartridge he had made) when at the same moment of his death he was shot at twice with these shotgun launched Taser X-REP units.
And another thing. Do we really want the police pointing shotguns at us. If these find their way into crowd control that is threatening with a deadly weapon.
It\'s just a tease... :P This is what Rednecks did when they discovered the Allspark. Sorry, can\'t stop laughing. I just can\'t see the success in this. They should make a reusable juiced-down version as well for paintball-like games. In Redneckland rubber doesn\'t qualify! LOL
As from today, so much for Metal Storm...
"Funding crisis triggers administration for weapons company"