Prolific Japanese design house Nendo (of skinny speaker and clever stationary fame) has turned its hand to designing emergency supply kits. Inspired by the 2011 earthquake that devastated Japan, the firm has unveiled a chic kit that contains the bare necessities to help a city-dweller in a similar emergency situation.

The MINIM+AID kit is housed in a 5 cm (2 in)-thick metal tube that is waterproof, can float, and can be worn around the shoulder. It includes a whistle, a radio, a waterproof poncho, a lantern, and a small foil container with a little drinking water. Finally, a small plastic case contains a tape, scissors, and what looks like water purification tablets – though that's a guess on our part.

The radio comes with a hand-operated crank for charging, which can also be used to charge the lantern or another small device, like a smartphone for example, via USB. The plastic can be used for storage, and the tube in which the drinking water foil pouch is stored can also serve as a cup.

The outer tubing is available in silver, white, or black, and each tool is available in a three different colors (Nendo doesn't state which colors).

MINIM+AID was designed for Sugita Ace and is due to be released in Japan in 2016. We've no word yet on the expected price.

Source: Nendo via Dezeen

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