Activity trackers are rarely just activity trackers nowadays, some include heart-rate monitors, while others deliver smart notifications to your wrist. Misfit, however, appears to see a different future for its trackers, doubling as wearable smart buttons which can be used as remote controls for things like taking a selfie, or controlling your music playback on Spotify.

A new Misfit Link smartphone app will allow users of the Misfit Flash tracker, and the newly announced Flash Link (more on that shortly), to click their activity tracker to snap a selfie with the camera app or Snapchat; control music (pause, play, skip songs, adjust the volume) with the likes of Spotify or Pandora, or perform more mundane tasks like advance slides in a presentation.

All of this can be done thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and simply clicking the face of the tracker. Different remote actions are assigned to be performed on single, double, or triple presses, a single press and hold or a double press then hold. Misfit also says IFTTT and Logitech Harmony integrations are coming soon to allow even more functionality.

The iOS version of the Misfit Link app is available now, and is to be followed by the Android offering next month. Within the new app users can manage multiple Flash Smart buttons and assign different actions. The standard Misfit app will still be used for monitoring tracked activity, sleep, goals and getting competitive with friends.

The new Flash Link is being billed as an activity tracker and smart button, and at US$20 is the most affordable offering from Misfit. As with the regular Flash, it is capable of tracking steps, calories and distance, along with automatic sleep tracking including periods of light and deep sleep.

In fact, the hardware for the new Flash Link and the Flash is said to be the same, which means it measures 28.5 x 8 x 28.5 mm (1.1 x 0.3 x 1.1 in), weighs 6 g (0.2 oz), is water resistant to 30 m (98 ft), and that a coin cell battery should offer up to six months of use. A circle of LED lights around the face are used to deliver feedback and allows it to function as a minimalist watch.

However, the new Flash Link will only be bundled with a companion clasp (to be clipped onto clothing), while the regular Flash also comes with a sports band allowing it to be worn on the wrist like a traditional watch. The new tracker/button will also be available in fewer colors at launch including Onyx (black), Frost (white), Reef (turquoise), and Coca Cola Red.

The Flash Link will be available later this quarter. Misfit is also reducing the price of its Shine and Flash trackers to $70 and $30 respectively.

Product page: Misfit Flash Link

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